My Work

My recent artwork. I don't usually stick to one look, I like to jump around and experiment with different techniques and styles.  I use Pencil, Charcoal, chalk, Acrylic and Watercolor paint, aswell as digital drawing/painting, typically with photoshop.

I hope you enjoy my gallery. Art is something I've always enjoyed doing and it's something I'm not going to give up on!

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  • Heehee
  • Daft Science Theatre
  • Bruce Lee
  • Mm?
  • As the World Falls Down
  • Sip
  • Shorts!
  • Rey
  • Welp, there ya have it.
  • InvestiGator
  • Self Portrait
  • Until the caffeine kicks in
  • A good dog deserves a donut
  • Cool Hat
  • Eyes
  • Blue Sky
  • Smooth like (Lando lakes) Butter
  • Laia Costa
  • Kurt Russell
  • Natalia
  • 1983
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Awhaaa?
  • Anniversary gift
  • Sacred Springs
  • 1967
  • "Are you cominnnng?"
  • Venture
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